1. Brooklymr Day 1

    Liam and I departed from Upstate shortly after 8AM without GPS, without smart phones, and without and fucking clue of what to expect. We had pulled up a google map of the directions to our destination. Buncha bullshit for 3 hours and a right on to Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn NY.

    Flatbush is a neighborhood on the up and up, which is good, all things considered. This is the hood, don’t get me wrong. Musicians such as Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes, Red Cafe, Shaggy, and more recently the Flatbush Zombies. Shouts out to SeanTom for introducing me to the Zombies, my knowledge of them has proven to be a great point of connection with the locals. Against conventional wisdom, I can roll through the one-way streets blastin’ their new mixtape all the way turnt up, in my Bosscorde sedan with VT plates, and all I get it props.  


    Yes, also against conventional wisdom, we drove into the city instead of taking whatever alternative forms of transportation available to us. Without GPS, we ended up with a slight detour through Harlem and Manhattan after missing some turns. No worries though, when we finally made it to my boy’s (Keith) house after being “lost” in the city for about an hour, our ambassador for the coming days, we grabbed a spot right across the street from his spot with no issues. That set the tone for the rest of the day, on four more occasions we needed to park, and were able to park right where we wanted to be.

    After chillin for a bit at the house we take off to the L.E.S. Skate park to check out the RedBull Manny Mania comp going on. Park right in front of the entrance, say what the fuck, and walk in to scoop up some free Red Bulls, watch the prooooooooooz and maybe get some clips of Keith landing super rad tricks. Personally, I’m a fan of skateboarding, but not a skater. I’m talking to this one guy for about five minutes about the comp and some random bullshit chatter. Shortly after that I learn that the individual was Lizard King. Like I said, I’m not a skater but I’ve heard of him so I’m like chillllllllll, and now I understand why the kids behind him were pointing and shitting their pants.

    Whatever though, we ain’t bout that DHR (dick hype rider) shit. Keith hits up some people and gets wristbands for he and liam to go into the comp set up and get some shots on the redbull features. He’s the man down here, I’m like wait how did you????? and it’s just on the say no more shit and I let it be. Tricks were landed, stoke levels were up. The spot was gettin closed down for the afternoon until the finals that are going on later today (sunday). 

    We head over to a new sesh spot with a manny pad that Keith wants to get a trey flip out of. And hour or so of tryin and we haven’t gotten the shot, fortunately we did get a banger shot of an ollie to manny pad spliff pass to thug stomp exhale. Took some time to watch some girls fight, iPhone footy galore from everyone at the spot. Then we dipped back two blocks to the car and go to chill with Keith’s homie at his apartment. 

    D.R.U.G.S. ~~molly~weeeeeeeeeeed~coke~shrooms~cartel stamped hash bricks~~
    Wtf? anyway…

    Sun setting drive over to Washington square to skate more. Holy touristy as fuck, thank jah that we aren’t tourists, we are just travelers. So fuckin core. Yo fags get out the way, we tryna ollie front 1 at this here monument. Thankkk youuuuu. Persecuted for our passions and appearance, we head onward to union square to loc with whoever will be there. I ate shit on the way, whatever I told ya I don’t skate.

    Union square consisted of random bullshit, talking,  gettin drunk, skating, bmx, and fighting. Just hangin with some of Keith’s skate friends on the steps, throwin flip tricks and talking to girls. This one kid challenges liam to a game of skate. I’m pretty sure the only trick Liam has is a shuv it. Dunno exactly what the fuck happened here, liam was taken by Jah and won everything except the rock paper scissors in the beggining. I got in a fist fight, lol. YOLO idk what happened the fuck happened with that either, Jah took over and defended my life.  Keith bagged this white bitch after tankin two 4lokos ina about 10minutes., that shit was funny.  Wrap up our time at Union Square a bit after nightnoon. 

    Hit the whip, drive to get dinner at some NYC chicken stop. Holy fuck the 1AM 4 wing and fries combo for 4.50 without a doubt brought me back from death last night. Grabbed a parking spot literally right infront of keith’s spot. Ate our food, played street fighter, uploaded pics, checked footy, and noodled hard on the couch at about 3.

    Wake up at 8 to do it again.

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